Safecracking and Servicing

Please contact us after you have been quoted to open or service your safe by any safe manufacturer. We know we can save you money, but we prefer that you find out for yourselves.

We Service all makes of safes, including underfloor safes. Our very experienced and qualified safe cracking service team are able to open or service any safe, whether it is locked through lost keys or combination numbers, or if you are unable to open your safe through a fault in the mechanism.

Please be aware that if your safe is drilled open, your insurance company may insist that you replace the safe.

Contact a specialist such as ourselves because our specialist safecrackers open and service safes for all of the major manufacturers, and in the rare event that we have to drill your safe to get it open, we are able to restore your safe to meet insurance company requirements.

If you are able to send us a photo of the safe, and describe the problem, we can give you a fixed price quotation to resolve your problem. Even if you can’t send a photo, we can usually identify the safe by asking you a few questions over the phone.

Changing Safe Locks and Combinations

We change safe locks and keys for your safe, or change combination numbers. We would recommend that if any safe keys have been out of your possession for any length of time, if staff have left your employment, or if keys have been lost or stolen, that you change your safe lock. You may
not be insured if your safe is opened with a key !!!
Changing a combination number, including electronic locks, is a simple operation that will usually incur a call out charge only.

Key Cutting

If you need extra safe keys we can either cut keys at your premises, or you can send keys to us and we will usually post extra copies back by return.

Time Delay and Time Locks

Many insurance companies now insist that high risk safes are fitted with these types of locks. We can fit these types of locks with minimum alterations to your safe, and we have a selection of used time locks available most of the time.

We Buy Safes

If you have a reasonably modern safe you wish to sell, give us a ring. We also offer a part exchange facility for buyers of our used safes.

Safe Relocation

If you need a safe moving to a new position or location, we have an experienced team of specialist safe removers who will perform the safe move in a safe and efficient manner, using all the latest equipment available.

Safe Rental

We offer a safe rental service, simply let us know your requirements for a reasonable quotation.